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2020 Projects for Sponsorship Support

We Need For The Following Projects

Donors and sponsors who identify with our vision, mission, and programs can review our current projects and donate to support their project of interest.

Similarly, volunteer grant writers and project managers should review the projects and complete the volunteer form indicating the project they want to work on.

Additionally, beneficiaries in the USA, Carribeans Islands and Africa that are interested in our projects should complete the beneficiary form and indicate the project they urgently need in their community.

More importantly, we want more supporters that can help us raise more donors, sponsors and find needy communities for which our current projects can help improve their lives and combat deterioration.

Program 1: Education

1.1 Project: Final Year High School Students in Underprivileged Schools – STEM Book, Computer and Software Donations

Purpose: Supply STEM books, and laptop computers and tablets installed with STEM teaching materials to final year students in underserved high schools. This will enable disadvantaged students to access internet whilst at home during pandemic to research the internet for homework assignments, preparation for SAT and ACT tests, and to research colleges and universities and financial aids.

Target Beneficiaries: 1000 final year high school students in underprivileged schools.

Program 2: Health

2.1. Project: Independent Water Production For Homes In Native American Communities.

Purpose: On July 6, 2020 Justine Calma reported in the Verge that the Navaho Nation is faced with water shortages generations and that due to the advent of the pandemic, the absence of running water is making it harder to fight COVID-19. There is therefore urgent need to donate independent water production equipment to enable poor homes to produce their own clean water in a sustainable manner.

Target Beneficiaries: 100 homes.

Program 2: Health

2.2. Project: Early Diagnosis And Tracing of COVID-19

Purpose: Millions of people have now been infected with the COVID-19. In some States, there is increase in the infection rates. There is therefore the urgent need to test people faster and isolate asymptomatic people from infecting others. Thus, early detection through rapid or faster diagnosis of the COVID-19 will help save many lives. We want to supply simple devices for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19.

Target Beneficiaries: 10,000 units of COVID-19 rapid diagnostic test kits.

Program 2: Health

2.3 Project: Early Diagnosis Of Malaria In Africa

Purpose: Millions of people die every year in Africa because of malaria due to inability to early detection. Early detection through rapid or faster diagnosis of the malaria will help save many lives. We want to supply simple devices for faster diagnosis of malaria.

Target Beneficiaries: 10,000 units of malaria rapid diagnostic test kits.

Program 3: Workforce Development

3.1 Project: Skilled Training For Unemployed Undergraduate Students From Poor Communities

Purpose: To provide online job skills and competence training to disadvantaged graduates from community colleges and universities who cannot get job because they lack the advanced skills for modern jobs.

Target Beneficiaries: 100 unemployed community and university graduates.

Program 3: Workforce Development

3.2 Project: Skilled Training for Laid-off Workers Poor Communities

Purpose: To provide online job skills and competence training to unemployed workers that have been laid-off due to the pandemic. Due to the pandemic many companies have laid-off workers and hence unemployment rate has increased. On the other hand, many companies such as Google and Facebooks are encouraging their employees to work from home.
Unfortunately, reports indicate that most people that get sick from the COVID-19 and those that have become unemployed do not have software or skills that will enable them to work from home.
There is therefore the need for skills and competence training in new fields for the laid-off workers. This program will fund laid-off workers to acquire new skills and match them with job opportunities that will permit them to work from during this pandemic.

Target Beneficiaries: 1000 laid-off workers in economically disadvantaged communities.

Program 4: High speed broad band Internet for disadvantaged communities

4.7.1 High Speed Wireless-Internet Broadband Technology For Disadvantaged Communities

Purpose: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the economies worldwide have shutdown. Similarly, most states in the USA have equally shut down. There is therefore to open the economy and schools systematically. Most areas that can easily open or continue to work are those that have access to cheap high speed broad band internet. There is therefore the need to extend low cost and high speed broad band internet in the economically disadvantaged communities in the USA, especially, rural, remote villages and HUB zones with easy to deploy high speed broadband infrastructure.

Target Beneficiaries: 1000 homes in disadvantaged communities.

Program 5: Disaster Relief

5.1 Project: Temporary Shelter and Emergency Power Supply for Homes in Disaster Declared Zones:

Purpose: To enable families have temporary shelters that are powered by independent electricity generating system from solar panels and backup energy storage systems. This will assist families that have lost power due to effects natural disasters such as blizzard, hurricane, flood etc.

Target Beneficiaries: 1000 homes in disaster declared zones .