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Our mission is to help improve lives and contribute to overcoming community decline in underserved areas locally, nationally and globally. We do this by empowering students and unemployed youth with opportunities for skills training and to generate income for themselves in the communities they grew up in. The end goal of our mission is to create wealth in those communities and for those individuals to gain disposable income to be able to purchase products and services in the neighborhood and to pay taxes to local government. By these actions, we are able to add to empowering disadvantaged individuals to contribute to the economic growth of their communities.
Specifically, we plan on fulfilling our mission by:

  • Equipping underprivileged schools with new teaching tools and disadvantaged universities with research capabilities.
  • Modernizing economically distressed and underserved communities with workforce training to seek new job opportunities.
  • Building micro infrastructure to support income generation and wealth creation. Our micro infrastructure support includes micro homes and micro industrial estates supported by auxiliary services such as alternative clean water supply, low cost high speed broadband internet, micro power, micro health, micro loan facilities, product quality testing and market place for micro businesses.
Donors should trust our non-profit organization because our mission is clear, our target beneficiaries are well defined, and we have designed the appropriate programs to help achieve our laudable mission.

Additionally, donors will confidence in our non-profit organization because of the transparency we aim to achieve. As a result, our projects are available online and donors will be provided with progress and annual reports to know exactly where and how the donations are being used for the benefit of the target beneficiaries.

Besides tax deduction benefits, in exchange for donations, our donors will have: 

    • Recognition in our annual reports
    • Naming opportunities such as naming projects after major donors and listing major donors as sponsors of major events or projects
    • Obtain regular project updates
    • The opportunity to have names and logos of donors and sponsors on our websites, brochures and flyers.


Presently, we have 700 of 8210 plus model of 3M brand of particulate respirator N95 to be distributed to schools, clinics and disaster relief front line workers in Jonesboro, Georgia in the USA. These face masks will help equip teachers, nurses, doctors and emergency workers to protect themselves against COVID-19 whilst serving students, patients, and the citizenry.

Additionally, we have shipped 5,000 face shields to Ghana to be distributed to community clinics and schools in rural communities. These face shields will help teachers, nurses and doctors during interactions with people to minimize the transmission of Covid-19.

Furthermore, we have shipped high speed wireless broadband internet equipment to Ghana to make it available to be installed for underserved communities so that they can have access to high speed internet for online education, telemedicine and e-commerce.

Our goals for this year are:

1. Raise brand awareness
2. Stabilize and advance the non-profit organization
3. Develop multiple channels of repeatable donor support
4. Develop and test pilot projects in Georgia and learn lessons for scaling to other states in the USA.
5. Develop and test pilot projects in Ghana and learn from them to expand to other African and the Caribbean countries

Some of our specific objectives for this year include:

1. Support STEM education in the USA
2. Support COVID-19 testing, tracing and prevention in the USA
3. Support COVID-19 testing, tracing and prevention in Ghana
4. Support clean water supply to Native Americans in the USA
5. Support early malaria detection in Ghana
6. Undertake pilot high speed wireless broadband internet access project for rural communities in the USA.
7. Provide pilot high speed wireless broadband internet access project for underserved communities in Ghana.

Nano Lab Foundation’s goalsfor this year are important because to be successful, we need to lay a strong organization to drive our programs, secure reliable funding support to serve our communities in need, and promote awareness of our programs to our target donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, partners, and supporters.
If our non-profit organization is not able to achieve its goals, it will delay our advancement and hence adversely affect our target beneficiaries. This is because our innovative approaches to serving communities in need with education support, health development, workforce development, community improvement, and disaster relief are unique, empowering, and promote the independence and sustainability of our target beneficiary communities.
We are looking to raise at least $1Million both cash and in-kind from our donors to help accomplish our goals for this year.
Donors do not only need to make cash donations. Our vision, mission, programs and goals allow donors to also contribute by making in-kind donations of goods, services, and their time. These can be tangible or intangible – – Tangible donations include items like surplus or used or brand new equipment, books, vehicles, furniture, and supplies. On the other hand, intangible donations include things such as advertising, patents, royalties, stocks and copyrights.

Through promotion and advertising, we expect authorized contact persons of our target beneficiaries in need to complete “Become a Beneficiary” online form on our website. Upon receipt, an officer of our non-profit organization shall review the request and commence formal engagement with the authorized contact person of a credible community. Once, needs are properly clarified and target groups are validated, a formal letter of interest will be required from the group. Thereafter, application will be provided for completion. Upon submission of the application by the authorized representative, a selection and evaluation committee shall review the applications and submit recommendations to the board of directors for decision making. Approved decisions shall be communicated to the beneficiaries, but declined decisions will not be communicated due to the numerous applications. The applications are received all year round, and reviewed on first come first serve basis, but approval decisions are made four (4) times in a year, and they are January, March, June, and September.