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NanoLab Corporation is a State of Georgia registered non-profit organization founded in 2012, and doing business as NanoLab Foundation.

NanoLab Foundation is a nonprofit charity organization (NPO) organized exclusively for public benefit, charitable, educational and scientific purposes exempt from federal income tax under section 501 ( C ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation and it’s board of directors are rallying the support of the local and international communities to assist in the developmental efforts in underprivileged schools, colleges, universities and economically disadvantaged communities locally and internationally.


To help improve lives and combat community deterioration.


To equip underprivileged schools with new teaching tools, and modernize economically distressed and underserved communities with workforce training, income generating opportunities, clean water, micro homes, low cost high speed broadband, micro health and micro credit facilities.

Board of Directors

Our non-profit organization is governed by Board of Directors (BOD), and they are led by Dr. David Noye, as the Chairman. The other members of the BOD are Mrs. Florence Addie-Noye, Dr. Richard Barnor, Dr. Amanarh Kisseih and Dr. Nii Addy, and Ms. Eugenia Addie Noye.

Dr. David Noye, DIT

Founder,Chairman & CEO

Dr. David Noye is a researcher, an engineering designer, an inventor, a professor and a serial entrepreneur. Dr. David Noye is the Founder/Chairman of NanoResearch Inc, an invention & innovation firm that undertakes research, design, development and commercialization. He is also Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SmartEnergi Corp, a global energy product manufacturer and distributor. Dr. Noye is also a philanthropist and founded NanoLab Corporation with vision of improving lives and combating community deterioration in the United States and overseas. To this end, Dr. Noye has spent several years of research and has developed a proposal for creating Industrial Villages in the USA and abroad to accelerate job creation in the inner cities of the USA and in the underdeveloped economies of the world starting from Ghana.

Dr. Noye has worked with several organizations occupying top positions including, Southern Polytechnic State University (Now Kennesaw University) as Adjunct Professor, Georgia Aerospace as Director of Nanotechnology Research, and GRATIS Foundation, a non-profit organization as Director of Engineering Design Center. Dr. Noye has worked on numerous high profile projects funded by international organizations such as World Bank, Canada International Development Agency (CIDA), and European Union.

Dr. Noye is member of a number of professional associations including Inventors Association of Georgia and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Dr. Noye has Doctorate Degree in Industrial Technology with specialty in Nanotechnology from the USA, MSc in Engineering Design from UK, Post-graduate Diploma in Production Management and Tool Design from India, and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ghana. Being a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Noye has learnt the up and downs in starting and growing businesses both internationally and in the United States. As a result, combining his academic, research, industrial and business experiences and skill sets, Dr. Noye is in the best and unique position to develop compelling business/project proposals, raise funds and to lead execution of any enterprise/project of any scale to a successful end.

Dr. Amanarh Kisseih, MD

Member of Board of Directors - Health

Dr. Amanarh Kisseih, MD, is an Emergency Physician and Serial Entrepreneur with a particular interest in third world development, starting in Ghana, West Africa, with a focus on food, energy, water, and shelter projects. To this end, Dr. Kisseih has 85,000 square foot facility in the Eastern region of Ghana to house his West African Headquarters and factory for manufacturing building products under 3i (Integrated Industries Ltd., Accra, Ghana).

Dr. Kisseih is also a physician and shareholder with Gwinnett Emergency Specialists, the provider of emergency medical services to Gwinnett Medical Center Hospitals in Duluth and Lawrenceville (Level II Trauma Center, Stroke and Cardiovascular Center). Dr. Kisseih in partnership with his wife, founded Signworks Inc, in Stone Mountain, Ga (A graphics company that supplied and installed most of the signs at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport- world’s busiest airport, during the Olympics) and Kissberg Construction (A general construction company, which has done demolitions, including implosions, sidewalk, road, traffic control, runway spall repair, etc. and is currently one of four “Contractor Generals” for the City of Atlanta. Dr. Kisseih recently also formed 3i Logistics to facilitate logistics between the US and West Africa.

Dr. Kisseih obtained his Medical Doctorate from The University of Ghana Medical School with Distinction and obtained his postgraduate in Pediatrics at Columbia University, Harlem Hospital in New York. Dr. Kisseih went on to teach Pediatrics and Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, becoming the Assistant Director for their Family Practice Training Program in Pueblo, Colorado.

Dr. Richard Barnor, D.Min

Member of Board of Directors,
Outreach & Disaster Relief

Dr. Richard Barnor is the founder and President of Barnor Enterprises Inc. which consists of several small businesses operating in Texas. Apart from his business enterprises, Dr. Barnor works with and serves on the boards of several International Philanthropic Organizations working throughout Africa, the MiddleEast, South America, Europe and SouthEast Asia.

His involvement is not limited to but also  includes the resettlement of refugees, food and agricultural programs, education, housing, training in self defense in the martial art of Taekwondo for vulnerable populations especially women and young girls in and from countries such as Uganda,Rwanda,South Sudan, Ghana, The Democratic republic of the Congo, Jordan and many others.

He currently resides in Dallas with is wife of 36 years. He has three  grown children  and 3 lovely grandkids.


We pursue five (5) program areas that improve lives and/or to combat community deterioration. Our USA programs focus on all the five areas. On the other hand, our overseas programs focus on education, health, community improvement and disaster relief. The topics for our 5 programs  are:

Our education program comprises of two sub-programs, the primary & secondary education and the college & university program. Our primary and secondary education program focuses on suppling STEM books, software, and scientific equipment to needy students in underprivileged schools. On the other hand, our colleges & universities education program help undergraduate and graduate students in disadvantaged colleges and universities to develop scientific research capabilities.

Our health program focuses on two sub-programs, namely improve access to better health care and management of infectious diseases. Our access to better healthcare focus on support for testing and distribution of low cost point-of-care medical devices, low cost drugs, and low cost clean water technologies for people and homes in distressed communities such as low income homes, declared disaster zones, refugee camps and remote villages. On the other hand, for our management of infectious diseases sub-program, we promote early detection and contact tracing of infectious diseases in the poorest communities in the USA, and in developing countries by distribution of low cost self-diagnostic testing medical devices, deploying mobile health clinics, and supporting nurses and doctors with telemedicine.

Our workforce development program concentrates on job qualification training. We promote development of employable skills training for unemployed youth and graduates, and re-training of laid-off workers and veterans to enable them to secure better job paying opportunities. 

Community improvement is our flagship program, and affords us the opportunity to empower economically disadvantaged communities in the USA and abroad with economic empowerment infrastructure support. Being our flagship program, the community improvement program is composed of eight (8) sub-programs, and they are temporary shelters for homeless, micro training centers for practical skills training, micro business incubators for entrepreneurial training and formalization of informal sector, micro industrial estates for leasing to micro/small enterprises, product quality certification for micro/small enterprises, micro financing of small firms, high speed broadband internet and micro power (renewable energy) supply for underserved communities.

Our disaster relief program focuses on two sub-programs, namely, disaster declared zones and refugee support sub-programs. We partner with other non-profit organizations or directly provide disaster relief items to people and home in disaster declared zones in the USA. On the other hand, for refugee support sub-program, we partner with international non-profit organizations to deliver disaster relief items to refugee camps internationally.

For both sub-programs we supply, powered and environmentally friendly temporary shelters, low cost renewable energy technologies, low cost point-of-care medical devices, low cost technology for instant cooking of foods, low cost clean water technologies, low cost home heating devices, and low cost home cooling devices.


The Communities we serve

The target beneficiaries for our education programs are disadvantaged students and underserved schools, colleges and universities in the USA. Our health and community improvement programs are targeted at poor, distressed, underserved, underprivileged, and economically disadvantaged communities both in the USA and abroad. Our education and workforce improvement programs focus on unemployed youth who are high school, community college and university graduates. Additionally, our workforce improvement program focus on unemployed veterans and laid-off workers from closed or liquidated plants/factories. Furthermore, our disaster relief programs concentrate on disaster declared zones in the USA and refugee camps overseas. 

Our staff

We provide services by recruiting key professional staffs that manage day-to-day activities of the organization. In addition, we depend on interns and volunteers who are usually professors, graduate students and grant writers to complement our staffing needs. Our volunteers and interns also participate in fund raising efforts. We often recruit people who are experts and have cultural intelligence from the target beneficiary area.

our approach
  • Step 1: Need Analysis/Baseline Studies/Feasibility Studies
  • Step 2: User or Beneficiary Acceptance/Approval/Support Letter
  • Step 3: Project Design/Proposal
  • Step 4: Fund Raising
  • Step 5: Implementation/Project Management
  • Step 6: Transfer/Handover to Beneficiaries
  • Step 7: Monitoring/Reporting to Donors/Sponsors/Stakeholders


Our programs are funded with grants and donations from donors and sponsors in the United States of America to finance our projects in the USA, Africa, and the Caribbean countries. We partner with local volunteers and other non-profit organizations who have cultural knowledge and deep understanding of the local problems our programs intend to address.  Our head office is in Clayton County, Georgia. Our current operations cover all counties in Georgia and the country Ghana.